Endeavor Awards Gala Host Committee Expands with Four New Members

Endeavor Awards Gala Chair Mark Wolper announces new members of the Gala Host Committee. “We are honored to have the support and participation of four extraordinary individuals who have made many contributions to aviation and share our commitment to the public good provided by volunteer pilots.

John and Martha King need no introduction to the hundreds of thousands of pilots and technicians who have taken the training courses from King Schools. John and Martha have revolutionized the flight training industry and are the first husband and wife team to both hold every category and class of FAA pilot and instructor certificates. “Public benefit flying is using aviation, humankind’s most inspiring achievement, in wonderful ways to serve people,” stated John in confirming their participation in the gala.

“Public benefit flying is using aviation, humankind’s most inspiring achievement, in wonderful ways to serve people”

Robert Zemeckis is best known for his award winning direction, production and screen plays of films like Forest Gump, Back to the Future, Contact, Death Becomes Her and most recently Flight with Denzel Washington. He has pioneered motion-capture productions with Beowulf and A Christmas Carol. Robert is also an experienced pilot who has logged about 1600 hours of flight time.

Everyone who loves flying has heard about and admired Sean Tucker, the U.S. National Advanced Aerobatic Champion and received nearly every aerobatic award and recognition established. In August 2013 Sean was named Honorary Chair of the Young Eagles, the EAA program that gives young people ages 8-17 an opportunity to go flying with volunteer pilots. Since 1992 over 1.6 million Young Eagles have taken one of these free flights. When accepting this new role, Sean said, “I love sharing the magic of flight. Once a person leaves the ground, it changes their perspective. It’s something they never forget. Whether or not they become a pilot, they have seen the world from angel’s eyes. It changes them profoundly. It’s uplifting, inspiring, empowering.”

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