Air Show Ace Sean Tucker Emcees Endeavor Awards

“I love sharing the magic of flight,” Tucker said. “Once a person leaves the ground, it changes their perspective. It’s something they never forget. Whether or not they become a pilot, they have seen the world from angels’ eyes. It changes them profoundly.

“Flying is so important to me because this is how I define myself. I challenge myself every single day,” said Tucker. “Every time I get into the cockpit, I’m learning something about myself. Pushing the boundaries. And it is absolutely a wonderful journey.”

Tucker is the Honorary Chairman of Young Eagles, which provides young people, ages 8 – 17, an opportunity to go flying free of charge in general aviation airplanes with volunteer pilots donating their time and expenses. Many young people become interested in pursuing science, math and technology as their interest grows in aviation. Tucker has also flown many youth in the past, including many Young Eagles.

As Emcee of the Inaugural Endeavor Awards, Tucker will participate in honoring volunteer pilots from across the country at the upcoming awards ceremony, May 4, to be held at the Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavour Pavilion in the California Science Center. Tucker said he is grateful for the opportunity to honor all volunteer pilots, men and women who give generously of their time.

“People who rely on charity flights are the ones who can’t afford to get there – they really need us,” Tucker said. “The men and women who provide their resources – their airplanes, their time, their money, their passion – to help other people, are making the world a better place. They’re our heroes!”

Tucker is the U.S. National Advanced Aerobatic Champion, winner of numerous showmanship awards, inductee into the National Aviation Hall of Fame and the International Aviation Air and Space Hall of Fame, and an honorary Thunderbird, Blue Angel, and Golden Knight –to name a few.

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