Alaska Airlines Arrives as a Sponsor of the Endeavor Awards

Alaska Airlines

“We’re very proud to welcome Alaska Airlines as a premier sponsor of the Endeavor Awards,” said Mark Wolper, President & Executive Producer of The Wolper Organization at Warner Bros. and Chair of the Endeavor Awards Host Committee. “For the past six years, Alaska Airlines has been recognized for the highest customer satisfaction among traditional North American carriers, according to the most recent J.D. Power & Associates Study.”

Alaska Airlines has been a partner with Angel Flight West for many years, coordinating donated seats on commercial flights, primarily for Alaska residents, and also linking with flights by AFW’s volunteer pilots to and from remote areas. Over long and short distances, this partnership provides “compassion itineraries” for many people who need transportation to medical care and other humanitarian services in the western states including Alaska and Hawaii.

The yearly contribution of seats by Alaska Airlines approaches a value of $1,000,000 with additional frequent flier miles donated by Alaska Airlines customers. In times of natural disasters, such as the earthquake in Haiti, a special allocation of seats helped to reunite and relocate families.

Sprague said that Alaska Airlines has an 83-year history of serving communities that are difficult to access. Whether separated by long distances or lack of roads, they provide a lifeline to many cities and towns in the West. Sometimes this lifeline needs to serve those who are in a tough spot with medical transportation needs. “Volunteer Pilot Organizations such as Angel Flight West provide a perfect go between for Alaska Airlines and those needing travel for medical purposes. We’re actually very honored to be able to serve this mission,” said Sprague. “Giving back to the communities we serve is a way to help build better communities for tomorrow. This helps us all in the long run.”

About The Endeavor Awards:
The Endeavor Awards Gala is an annual event honoring the pilots, individuals and support organizations, corporations and government agencies most responsible for providing Public Benefit Aviation. Sponsoring organization will hold the inaugural Endeavor Awards event on May 4, 2014 at the Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavour Pavilion in the California Science Center.

Endeavor Awards Gala Sponsors:
Alaska Airlines, UCLA Health, AOPA, Tom & Mary Gallagher Foundation, Jeff & Linda Hendricks Family Foundation, Kauffman Family Foundation, JetAVIVA, Tempus Aircraft Sales & Service, King Schools, Jim & Glenys Slavik, Angel Flight West and Pacific Post

About Public Benefit Aviation:
Public benefit flights are in the air every day across the U.S., flown by over 50 volunteer pilot organizations (VPOs). Individual pilots donate their own time, general aviation aircraft and gas money to provide health, compassion, and community service. FlightAware shows approximately 10,000 flights in 2013 identified by pilots as “compassion flights.” Exact counts of the number of flights are not yet available because many pilots do not use charity-related call signs for their flights. (Courtesy of FlightAware

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